How To Give Someone A Bonus Day?

Have you ever needed to grant an employee an extra day off, perhaps as a reward for their hard work or to compensate for working on a public holiday?

Flamingo's "Adjust" feature allows you to do just that. In this article, we'll guide you on how to use the "Adjust" feature to give someone a bonus day.

Please note: To access this setting, you need to be a manager, admin, or owner.

To use this feature, click on the user in your timeline.-

In the slide-in that appears, click the User Profile text button. -

Now, click the Overrides button within the User Profile -

Within the Overrides section, you'll see a Remaining: field next to each Leave Policy. This is where you can make adjustments -

You can add or subtract days as needed. If you, for example, grant an employee two additional Paid Time Off (PTO) days for 2023, their PTO balance for that year will increase by 2 days. Any adjustments you make won't affect the leave limit for that policy for the following years. So, when 2024 rolls around, the PTO balance will revert to the original limit.

We recommend adding notes in the provided field to help you keep track of adjustments -

These notes will be useful in the Activity section of each user -

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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