How To Adjust A Users Leave Balance

The manual adjust feature allows you to modify leave balances for individual employees. It serves as a valuable tool in rectifying discrepancies and making necessary updates to leave limits. This feature can be used when you need to give an employee extra days after they work a public holiday or reduce days if needed.

When using the adjust feature, the number of days used will not impact the limit for that leave policy for the following years.

For example, if a user gets 14 Paid time off days in 2023, and you add 2 days with the adjust feature, they will now have 16 Paid time off days in 2023.

Then when 2024 comes, Paid time off will change back to 14 days for that year.

If you change the maximum allowance to 16 Paid time off days in 2023, the user will have 18 Paid time off days in 2023. Why? - the maximum and adjusted number will maintain a two-day difference.

You can add or subtract days as needed.

Please note: To access this setting, you need to be a manager, admin, or owner.

To use this feature, click on the user in your timeline -

Then on the slide-in that appears, click the User Profile text button -

Now click the Overrides button.

From here, you can change the user's adjust feature at the bottom of each Leave Policy (next to Remaining: ).

This adjustment is a singular occurrence and will not be repeated in the leave limit for the following year.

It is recommended to add notes in the field provided to make it easier to track adjustments in the Activity section of each user.

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