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This is an introduction to the leave request features in Flamingo.

How to Request Leave with Flamingo

Flamingo was designed to make requesting leave easy, and that's exactly what it does.

To request leave, team members can go to the Flamingo app in your Slack workspace.

From here, choose your dates, which type of leave is being requested, and add any notes to go along with it. Hit Submit to finish.

The request will be sent to your team's manager, who will be able to approve or deny each request. You will get a notification in Flamingo when your leave is approved or denied.

How To Delete A Leave Request

Maybe you changed your mind and need to remove a leave request - no problem, you can delete a leave request in Flamingo.

Please note: If you are a regular Flamingo user without higher privileges, you can only delete a leave request in the future. You cannot delete a leave that happened in the past or is currently happening.

Only an owner, manager, or admin can delete a leave request for themselves and someone else, including leaves from the past, present, and future.

The edit leave feature is only accessible to owners, admins, and managers. A regular user will need to delete and make a new leave request.

Delete your own leave from the Flamingo Slack app

Click on the Flamingo app in your Slack dashboard -

Make sure you are in the Home tab, then click the Delete button for your chosen leave request -

Delete a leave from the Flamingo Web app

Find and click on the leave request in your timeline -

Then from the slide-in, click the Delete button - 

How can I see how many days I have remaining?

Click on the Flamingo app in your Slack dashboard -

Make sure you are in the Home tab, then you will be able to find "Your Leave Quota:" which lists your remaining leave balance -

What's next?

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