How To Use Flamingo Slack Commands

Using Flamingo Slack commands, will allow you to see and use many features related to Flamingo right inside the Flamingo app in Slack. This makes requesting leaves even easier.

First, make sure you have given permission to Flamingo to use Slack commands by logging in to the web app here .

Click "Sign in with Slack"

Then click "Accept and Continue"

Once you see the Flamingo timeline, that means you have given permission to Flamingo to use Slack commands.

Please note - If you go back to the Slack app and to the Flamingo "Messages" tab and there is a message saying "Sending messages to this app has been turned off." - Please click CTRL+R to refresh Slack and it will be gone.

There are 2 ways to use the commands. You can either type in /flamingo into a message field in Slack or use the "Help" button in Flamingo.


You can enter /flamingo into any message field and hit enter. You can enter this into your own designated leave channel in Slack or into the Flamingo messages tab.
For example, sending /flamingo to yourself will get back this response -

You will see a number of buttons that will greatly simplify your Flamingo interaction.

Options button

Now go back to your Slack app and click on Flamingo from the Apps section -

Now, look at the top and click on the "Options" button inside Flamingo -

Then go to the "Messages" tab where there will be a command message waiting -

Now you will see a list of possible commands -

Next, simply copy and paste the command you wish to use into the "Message Flamingo" field and click enter. 

Please note that the square [] brackets are not needed for commands. They are just there as an example. If you wanted to use a command for leave in 2022, you would do "/flamingo leaves 2022"

Or, to see a report for next month, use "/flamingo teamreport next month"

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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