How To Use Half Days

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to turn on the half day feature and how to request a half day using flamingo.

Please note - Only owners and admins can turn on the half days feature. Managers or regular users cannot turn this on. To learn more about user roles and their abilities, click here.

First, you will need to ensure the half day feature is turned on. So head over to the Settings page in your Dashboard -

Make sure you are in the "General" area and click the "Half days" toggle to the on position and save.

Requesting a half day.


When using Flamingo in Slack, first select the dates for your leave and you will then see -

  • Full day
  • Half day morning
  • Half day afternoon

Choose your required half day and click Submit at the bottom.

Flamingo Web App

When using the Flamingo web app, first select the dates for your leave and you will then see the options to select half days under your calendar -

More information -

Please note - a half day is considered 0.5 of a full day when calculating a remaining leave balance for a user. Two half days are considered one full day for the remaining leave balance.

Only a single day (14th to 14th) can be used as a half day. If you do not see the half day option when requesting a leave, it is possible you are selecting a number of days leave (14th to 20th). Selecting only one day will add the half day option.

Two half days can be requested for the same day. Just make two separate requests for each half day.

Two and a half days cannot be requested. Instead, choose 2 days leave request with another half day leave request.

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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