How To Fix "You’ve already submitted a request for this app. Slackbot will notify you when your request is reviewed."

Some Slack workspaces can have extra rules governing who can install and use an app like Flamingo. Because of this, when attempting to access the Flamingo web app, you might see a screen requiring permission from the Slack workspace owner like this - 

Just submit your request by clicking the green Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Your Slack workspace owner will now get a notification in the Slackbot channel. Like this - 

The Slack owner can click the Approve for Workspace button at the bottom of the message, and now you can access the Flamingo web app.

If you attempt to request access again before the Slack owner has approved the app, you might see a screen like this - 

What settings in Slack will cause an app to need approval?

You can follow this guide from Slack for more information.

From your desktop, click on your workspace name at the top left.

Select Settings & administration from the menu, then click on Manage apps to open the Slack App Directory. 

Click App management settings in the left column. 

Turning off the Require app approval toggle should help fix the issue.

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