How To Add Public Holidays

With Flamingo, you can add standard and custom public holidays to suit your team's needs.

To do this, please follow the directions below.

Please Note: This feature is only for owners and admins.

Adding Public Holidays

First - Please go to the Locations area found in Settings.

Then click the "Add New Location" button. 

Now you select which country to use. The Location name field is to make it easier for you to remember who these holidays are for.

You can also click the checkbox to turn off a specific public holiday.

When finished changing your leave policy, don't forget to hit the save button on the bottom right.

Now you can assign that location to a specific team or user.

Adding a Public Holiday

You can also add additional public holidays by clicking the "Add Custom Holiday" button.

Now you can add your own holidays. Don't forget to hit save when finished.

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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