Why Does It Say "4 working days" When The User Requested 5 Working Days.

Some users might make a leave request for 5 working days in Flamingo. But, when they check their Flamingo app in Slack, it might show instead that 4 working days will be taken.

5 days selected -
4 working days shown -

The reason for this is - from the 26th through to the 30th, there is a public holiday during this leave request such as Boxing Day on the 26th. 

Since the 26th is a public holiday, it is not counted on the user's leave limit. This would explain the difference between 4 days and 5 days and it wouldn't be a bug. 

If you do not want that counted as a holiday, then you can go to the Public Holidays section of the team settings and untick the box for the 26th boxing day, and save.

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