How To Add And Edit A Leave Policy Or Type

With Flamingo, you can edit leave policies and add extra leave types to suit your team's needs.

To edit your leave policy, please follow the directions below.

To add a new leave policy, please scroll to the second part of the guide.

Please note: Only owners, admins, and managers can edit an existing leave policy.

Only owners, and admins, can add a new leave type.

Editing a Leave Policy

First - Please click on the settings cog from the area of the screen next to your team's name or click Settings -- Teams.

Then click on "Leave Policy" under the "Settings" text.

From there, you can edit a leave policy already created. 

You can also click the Disable text button to disable a leave policy.

When finished changing your leave policy, don't forget to hit the save button on the bottom right.

Adding a new Leave Type

You can also add additional leave types by visiting Settings -- Leave Types -

Then click the Add Leave Type button -

Problems, or questions? Please feel free to contact our support here.

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